Ethical Treatment of Livestock

Animal welfare

Our quality policy emphasizes criteria that respect the animal at every stage of production and processing. We offer the best farming and transportation practices, we set up reception facilities for animals and their well-being, and we are committed to ensuring that our slaughter procedures meet strict animal protection criteria.



Famille Fontaine works closely with Dr. Temple Grandin to ensure that our animals are treated with the utmost respect in order to avoid stress, injury and suffering. Dr. Temple Grandin, an expert on cattle handling facilities and professor of animal science at Colorado State University, has provided us with innovative techniques for the welfare of the animal.

We also set up an Arrowsight telemonitoring system to remotely monitor the animal handling and treatment procedures.

Animal welfare

Respect for ourenvironment

Our reduced carbon footprint is reflected in a set of good environmental practices. We strongly advocate the use of packaging with a lower environmental impact, a reduction in greenhouse gases, systematic recycling and a reduction in our energy consumption.

Ethical Treatment of Livestock

Our daily commitment, our know-how and our discipline make all the difference.

Raised inCanada

Why should food have to go around the world three times before landing on your plate? At Famille Fontaine, we prefer locally produced food. Our veal is raised and produced with care and pride on our family farms here in Canada.

Raised in Canada

Healthy Eating Without the Use of Hormones

Our calves are raised without growth hormones and fed a healthy diet of rich nutritious premium foods in a sustainable farm-to-fork management context!

Ethique d'élevage