Raised in a calm andpeaceful environment

Our know-how is your assurance of a consistent product, scrumptiously tender and with subtle flavors. A high quality diet adapted to the needs of the animal, daily care by experienced breeders and an optimal breeding environment, these are all ways to obtain a quality meat signed Famille Fontaine.

veau de lait

Grain productionand animal feed

Producing the cereals and forage that we incorporate in our animal feed is also a key part of our business model. Our field teams are busy producing top quality grains and forage and it is thanks in part to this short circuit of supply of raw material that we minimize the carbon footprint of our agricultural operations.

Quality Controlled

Guaranteeing you a meat that is rich in essential nutrients and that has a unique flavour.


Our animals are transported with care in regularly maintained trucks and in comfortable conditions to respect the integrity of the animals, ensure comfort, minimize stress and prevent injuries.

State-of-the-artprocessing center

Our production and processing systems ensure the highest standards of food safety and products of the highest quality.